What makes for a great MIL/DIL relationship?

So, let’s tackle this question first:  What makes for a great MIL/DIL relationship?

“Wow!  I have that with Elaine.  We have a lot of commonalities.” – Gayle in Colorado

When a MIL & DIL have quite a few things in common, when they share an interest in the same things or have some significant common experiences or similar backgrounds, there is a connection that makes it easier to develop the relationship.  It might be an affinity for getting mani/pedis or massages, or a passion for bicycling, hiking, music or cooking.  Maybe they both collect shoes or cookbooks or they work in the same industry.   Perhaps they admire the same people or support a common cause.  When you meet someone who likes the things you like, a bond is immediately formed.  Looking for and becoming aware of these “ties that bind” sets the stage for shared conversations activities and adventures.  And a great MIL/DIL relationship is definitely about sharing.  Isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “What makes for a great MIL/DIL relationship?

  1. I think that mutual respect and a lot of things in common are best. Unfortunately, the only think my MIL and I have in common is her son.

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