More Than a Man

So, if you’re like some MILS, you may not immediately recognize many commonalities with your DIL.  Or vice versa.   As one person commented, at first the only thing they had in common was her son!  And that may have seemed the case at the time.

But, was it really?  Or did they share numerous likes, dislikes, personality traits, talents, passions, etc. and not yet know it?  Isn’t developing any relationship an exercise in finding out what the other person is like?  What makes them tick?  What moves them, motivates them, inspires them, entertains them, makes them laugh and cry?

“….. the things we have in common far outnumber and outweigh those that divide us.”  – Walt Disney

Can’t convince me that a man is the only thing two women who love him have in common.  Sounds like one of my opportunities is to want to find those common threads that connect us.  And to do that, I’ve got to care enough about my son and DIL to invest my time and energy – two of the most important resources I have.

One thought on “More Than a Man

  1. This is so true! making time to spend with your DIL is the challenge at times due to distance or grandkids etc. However, I think as a MIL it is very important to get that communication started and find out what it is that you have in common. Another thought is finding out what your DIL really likes and asking her to share her love and passion for that with you. one of my DIL’s is an awesome photographer and scrap booker she use to have classes and invite me and even though that is not my cup of tea I would really make an effort to attend because I know it’s improtant to her.
    I wanted to show her that I value and respect her hobbies as well as my son’s.

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