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Question of the Week: Is it worth it?

We make decisions every day.  Decisions about what vehicle to purchase, how much to eat and drink, where to go on vacation, what to name our children, what charities we’ll support  ….  how to invest our time, energy and money.  Decisions which result in blessing and challenge, joy and pain, sickness and health, beauty and ashes.

So, too, in this area, we need to make a decision about whether or not we want to develop or deepen our relationship with our MIL/DIL.

Do you?

Does it seem worth it to you?

What benefits can you see coming out of it?

What might be the cost?

What might it require of you?  And her?

What will you likely miss out on if you don’t at least try?

Or ….

What have you gained because you decided “Yes!”?

Has it been worth the effort?  How?

Weigh in on this one, ladies!