A Mother’s Day Card My Friend Received

No, I did not write this myself even though it  fits so well with this blog’s theme – ” MILS & DILS – Family, Friends and Allies

A good friend actually received this for Mother’s Day.  With her permission (and changing the names to protect privacy), here it is.  Oh, that we might all be able to write and/or receive such a note!

“Dear Joanna,

I think the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship may be one of the toughest on the planet. You rear a little boy to think like you, believe like you, to understand the world through your eyes … THEN he brings home a young girl who has been raised by an entirely different family, who has their own ways of viewing the world. Your little boy begins his own family – he pulls away a bit – he needs space/boundaries … That must be very tough for a Mom. As the family grows, the daughter-in-law realizes that her mother-in-law is not a “threat” – she is her ally, her confidant, her sounding board, her helper … her friend. They’re on the same team and in the same family.

Knowing I can trust you has changed the way I relate to you. You root for me, you believe in me, you have confidence in me. You bless me. Thank-you for accepting me into your family all those years ago and for never giving up. I dearly love you.


Love, Blythe”

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