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Survey Question of the Week

What is one activity/interest you share with your MIL/DIL where you really connect?

Bonnie responds –

There are very few things we share in common…my husband and the Bible are about it.
So, when moved into the basement apartment for a season of transitioning back from VA, I asked my MIL if she would like to do a Bible study together 1 day a week.

It has been very good

She loves the Catholic faith more than the Bible and when she isn’t trying to convert me back to Catholicism, we have a great time. I have always known her dislike of me, much less so in the recent years  So, I decided that, if we met in some neutral place, a place that is farreaching,  in the soul, a place that changes hearts (hers and mine, if we are willing ), then there would be a bridge built.  It has reinforced WHO WE ANSWER TO  and that has proven to be priceless.

We have come a looong way in  32+ yrs.