MILS Afraid of DILS? Response

“That’s an interesting ‘concept’. Afraid of what concerning a DIL?  That she’ll take your son away?  She’s already done that.  It was time…. time for your son to make HIS family, time for him to grow out of from your shadow, to create a new ‘shadow’ with his wife.  What she can’t take from me is the history that my son and I share.  She can never ‘steal’ his heart,  I freely give him to share with the women of his choice.  She will never be able to erase the memories of the care, 24/7  presence/care/love I had with him the first 19 yrs of his life.  I have no regrets.  Homeschooling was God’s gift to us/me …  to never look back and say ‘I missed this or that’.  I missed nothing!!

       I have nothing to fear, nor does she….. I bless the day he met her, I bless the day they married.  He will grow separate from us, to establish his family in the years ahead, but not apart.”

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