Calling All MILs and DILs!

Questions of the Week:

What do you admire about your mother-in-law?

What do you admire about your daughter-in-law? 

Can’t think of anything off the top of your head?  Think harder!

Both long & short responses appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Calling All MILs and DILs!

  1. I have 3 daughter-in -laws all so very unique . My longest one in our family,
    #1 she has a good sense of humor, loves vacationing with me and my husband and, of course, our son. She loves spending time with me!
    #2 married our son when she was spoiled and only 18 yrs old and couldn’t even boil water and now 12 years later is an awesome cook! She is very quiet and tends to keep her opinions to herself which in families oftentimes is a good thing. She has more patience than I.
    # 3 has a great business sense. She is an excellent communicator and leader of our company.
    What I admire most in all 3 of them is the way they support their husbands even when I know, at times, it’s hard! And for that I Love them all very much!

  2. What do I admire about my DIL? Where do I begin? The way she respects my son. Her money sense, frugality, but is a generous person. She is a very hard worker!! I love her dearly.
    My MIL? She makes the best meat-balls ever.

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