Question of the Week

What do you do to celebrate your MIL’s/DIL’s birthday?birthday cake

Call?   Send a card?   Give gifts?  Share a meal?  Bake a cake?  Call her?

None of the above?

What do You do?

I’ve shared my story.  Now, share yours?

4 thoughts on “Question of the Week

  1. I send my daughter in law a card and if we are going to see her that day, I’ll get a small gift or I’ll bake something one of her favorite foods. In my immediate family we don’t buy gifts anymore except for my youngest,

  2. My MIL lives far away and her birthday is in December, so I bring her a small birthday gift when we see her for Christmas. It is usually something to pamper herself. For her Christmas gift I always ask my husband to pick it out, because for some reason in my head that seems like a “bigger deal.”

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