What I Learned in March

You learn something new everyday – that is, if you are paying attention!  Obviously, it’s May now, but I’m still learning!  I was distracted by a dream-come-true adventure – some of which I will share later.  😉

In March I learned ….

1. … that even though I am the same person, my DILs react differently to me.  So, I react differently to them.  Which probably causes them to respond differently to me ….chicken stew

2.  … that you can’t make someone like you.  You just can’t.  So, stop trying.  It’s pretty pathetic.

3.  … that my new DIL, Natalie, is a good cook!  She prepared a tasty Italian chicken dish on Friday night and chicken stew that Sunday.  Mmmm.

4.  … that a worthy goal will stretch you …  by challenging yBen Lomondour excuses, demanding that you re-examine your priorities, and giving you a glimpse of what could be!  Adopt one … and run with it!

5.  … that, given enough time and room, even normally quiet introverts will share significant things with you.   Beautiful!

April, here I come! …..  Hmmm.  Maybe I should skip April and go straight through to May.




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