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Check This Out: In-Law Relationship Series

It’s a challenge to find positive online posts on in-law relationships.  That’s one of the reasons I post the stories of women from all over who share their experiences – lessons from which other MILs and DILs can gain.

If you google “positive in-law blog posts”, you’ll probably only come up with a few sites and most of these are magazine articles or those written by psychologists.  After reading a few “venting” blogs about “crazy” mothers-in-law – which was very discouraging – I found this treasure trove of great ideas and practical, encouraging suggestions on building and maintaining healthy, real in-law relationships.  In my opinion, most of these principles and practices could work for non-Christians even though the articles are on a Christian website.

Check it out!

There’s a lot of material there – 10 articles – but even a few “take-aways” will make it worth the read.  Pace yourself – perhaps an article a week?  Or maybe all of them at one sitting?!  It’s your call.