He’s My Baby!

2014-04-13 12.23.17This post is being written @ 38,000 feet on Southwest FL2547 from Chicago Midway to San Francisco Int’l.  It’s been a bumpy ride since take-off and my pen – yes, I really do write with pen on paper – has been jumping about on the page.  Still, a writer writes, and nothing will stop her!

I stufIMG_20160416_162246f my earbuds in …. I hate those things!  Has anyone found a comfortable pair?  They all seem to want to fall out of my ears … right at the best part of the song, story, interview. …. switch on the digital recorder and punch “play” and suddenly, I’m right back in Joyce’s kitchen, grabbing a cup of herbal tea.  Joyce always has a welcoming smile, even if youIMG_20160416_164129 drop by unannounced (Don’t try that with your DIL, by the way, unless she’s put out the welcome mat specifically for those kind of visits.) Joyce and I plop ourselves down on the sofa and started talking about forging new relationships with people we have known for decades and those we’re just getting to know.

Joyce was recalling the early years of her son’s marriage.

“I was really close to Ben back then…. when they were childless. … Honestly, I think I talk with Betsy more now than I do Ben.”

Joyce intimated that it had taken years to change how she interacted  with her son.  He had married while still in college.

“It’s kinda weird.  You feel bad, because you know he’s a man and he’s married, but that’s my baby!”

Seriously?  I had been under the impression that those very same emotions that I had been experiencing were the result of an improper perspective, an underdeveloped sense of self, immaturity, or perhaps a measure of estrogen-induced derangement.  Yet, here was a grandmother of twelve sharing with me her own inner turmoil – quite similar to my own.

JoIMG_20160416_163415yce and I had both looked forward to – prayerfully and eagerly – to our children marrying, having kids of their own, “doing life” with spouses who would fit them like “hand in glove”.  When the genesis for that scenario actually took place, I had an “out-of-body experience”.

“Who is that woman crying about her son being wed to someone simply wonderful?”

Yeah.  He is definitely her husband, and I’m truly thrilled about it …. but he’s my baby!


Does this resonate with you?  Or not?  Go on – share with us.

One thought on “He’s My Baby!

  1. Aw, this is sweet! I hope I can help my children grow independent in ways that are appropriate for their age and season in life…but I can’t imagine not having at least a vague feeling that they are my “babies” forever. 🙂

    So happy to see new articles from you. I always look forward to them!

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